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2022-06-27 17:53:04

1.EIT UV POWER PUCK II and EIT UVI CURE PLUS II UV energy meter calibration and commissioning unit: Shezhen Deshengxing Electronics Co., Ltd.. Address information for returning repairs and calibration: F3, Building 5, Zhangmutou, Dongguan, Guangdong, China, 523637. Contact: +86-18924372460 Jennifer. Our customer service staff will contact you as soon as possible.

2.About the users who issue the report certificate of the authoritative organization of the third party national Metrology Institute: the American standard is different from the National standard. If the American standard is far from  the National standard, the National Metrology Institute will withdraw the inspection and give a deviation value. If the measurement passes successfully, the measurement report will have a correction factor on it. Every time you use the test, multiply it by this correction factor, and you get the national standard. As long as the metrology institute can issue a certificate, the energy meter is no problem. If there is a problem, it will be withdrawn. There are two cases of back-check: one is that the instrument data itself has problems and is unstable. The other is, the standards of other countries differ too much from domestic standards. If the inspection is returned, don’t worry. You just send it back for debugging to the national standard and send it back for inspection again and it will be no problem. Shenzhen Deshengxing Electronics Co., Ltd. can be sent to the institute of Metrology calibration and issue a calibration report. You can directly send to us to help calibrate the report certificate, simple, efficient, convenient and fast.


3.Users who want to debug data standards: send back a note telling them what data they want to debug. If your company has more than two UV meter instruments, please put the standard table and the calibration table under the same conditions to test 5 groups of data. Note that the same conditions mean that the height, speed, time and even sensor position of your UV light source should be kept as consistent as possible. Each group of data is a single measurement result, clear 0 and then measure the next group, do not add up. After the test data clearly marked, the need to debug UV energy meter and test data sent back to the company.

4.Calibration is not mandatory for every meter every six month. If the UV energy meter test data deviation is not large, this meter is very stable. It is not necessary to send back calibration. How to determine whether the UV energy meter is accurate? In the same conditions, before and after several sets of data for comparison. If the error is within the range specified by the manufacturer, it is accurate. The best way to determine whether a meter is accurate is by comparison. If there is only one meter on the production line, test several sets of lights.


5. About the maintenance: what are frequent failures of EIT UV energy meter?

A. Display

The display is burned out or off, the display terminal is faulty. It shows that faults account for 90% of all EIT maintenance failures. In particular, the furnace temperature is too high to burn out the screen of this fault is the most common. It is recommended that users use an EIT high temperature protection shell when using this high precision instrument to avoid burning the display screen due to high furnace temperature.

B.Battery shrapnel is damaged.

C.The main-board is damaged. This fault is usually caused by violent damage or falling into to the water. Very low failure rate. But replacing main-board is expensive.

D.Other glitches. For example, if the button falls off, replace the original button. If battery is out of power, replace the No.7 battery.

If you have a problem with EIT UV energy meter, please contact us for you to solve the professional.

UV Energy Meter Calibration

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